Vanuatu is typically very easy to travel around. The most common form of public transport is the local bus.

It is a pick up/drop off service that does not follow a direct route, meaning that you simply wave the driver down, give your destination and enjoy the trip!
Buses are typically small vans that are are identifiable by the "B" on the number plate.

The fare is a set price unless you are traveling out of town and is approximately 150vatu.


For other trips around the island or further away, there are plenty of local taxis. It is recommended to agree on a price before beginning the journey as the taxis in Vanuatu do not use a metre to calculate costs.

The staff at Poppys are more than welcome to arrange taxis for pick up at the resort.

If you are organising a tour around the island, we recommend using a reputable tour company (check out our tours page) to avoid excessive costs.

If you are ever in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff for some tips and information on the best way to travel in Vanuatu!